No Free Friday

13 06 2008

Sorry but I really just wanna bask in the glory of summer, and edit some home movies I found last night. Maybe I will post them, who knows. Also are sound board just arrived and now were going to order the microphones need to do some podcasting so look for that sometime next week!



New Face in Town

17 05 2008

I would just like welcome friend and bringer of cool blackpaca to the site. He’s a cool guy and knows tons about music and other such madness. So yeah also this week I plan to review Muse Absolution, ZZ Tops greatest hits and Van Halen Best of Volume One. So I hope to see you soon!



29 04 2008

Just got back from Canada, it was a fun trip and I listen to alot of music. Hopefully I will finish the reviews soon. Here’s my list of what I plan to review.

Phish: Live In Brookylan by Phish

Thrill Seekers by August Burns Red

Ladies and Gentlemen the Grateful Dead by The Grateful Dead

Hopefully by Saturday I will finish them.


Long Time No See!

18 04 2008

It been I while sense I have wrote anything on this blog so I thought I should bring you all an update on what I am doing. Right now I am writing a long entry on all of the albums I have been listening to for the past three to four months. It taking a long time to write up everything so I will hopefully get it all done soon.

I also hope to start up a thid blog soon considering movies as the topic. Well time to go finish all of those entrys.



4 04 2008

Welcome to my new blog to address music and the entertaiment industry. We are hoping to get a Podcast going this weekend or the next so hopefully we will see.