Free Friday 6/06/08

7 06 2008

So welcome to another new segment of are blog Free Friday where we go looking for new independent band that give away there music for free. So this week we look at some punk, some garage band, and some hardcore metal.

First up we have Absent_Vt a metal band out of Vermont that release a lot of great tracks, with a blend of screaming and singing the band has great sound overall. They follow the traditional metal approach with Intro-Bridge-Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Solo-End. There first track you should download is the Rising which has a great blend of traditional and new metal.


Next up is a band called Crown Atlantic. I really think there the pick of the week for me main because they have this really great cross genera sound. If you took At the Drive-In (which I hope will some day reunited and take out the sheer intensity of that band you would have Crown Atlantic. There sound takes a poppy sound and add garage tone to the band. If your into that sorta music this is definitely up your ally.

Crown Heights

Finally is the punk quota for the week with DC Fallout, my favorite song of the two is One Nation a fast song. They successfully pull off the speed of Bad Brains and they also have a lead singer who can command a crowd to the likes of Henry Rollins of Black Flag. For those out there who said Punk was dead they need to download some DC Fallout and then rethink that statement.

DC Fallout

And with that have a good weekend everyone!





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