Weezer (The Red Album)

22 05 2008

It’s been more then three years since the release of Weezer last album release Make Believe. The album is greatly remembered by their many hits within the album and the disappointment of some of their fans with the album. Overall my opinion of the albumis middling, its pretty low on my list of favorite Weezer album’s (Maladroit being my favorite), while this is rather sudden (I only learned of the albums existence maybe  for me their is also a werid feeling inside of me. In three years my musical tastes have expanded greatly, as you probably just read in my last blog I started to appreciate other genres. Here’s a short list of what I have started listen to and what I have found since Make Believe. At the Drive-In, August Burns Red, Arcade Fire, King City, Cake, Big D and the Kids Table, Rush, Rage Againstthe Machine,  Reel Big Fish, The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Mars Volta just to name a few.  Now I am not pre-judging this album at all, personally I am rather excited about the album. I belive that my expanded tasted in music changes and so does my mindset, but hopefully Weezer will suprise me. Look for a review a couple days after it releases on June 3rd.

Red Album






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