Blind Melon Returns

19 05 2008

After eleven years of nonexistence following the death of lead singer Shannon Hoon, the jam-band Blind Melon has recently (2006) reformed with a new singer, Travis Warren, releasing an album in 2008 entitled For My Friends.  Although many Melon fans were skeptical concerning the prospects of an album (and a singer) that could rival Hoon’s former genius, I for one was not dissapointed.  This album avoids a complete rebirth of the old band, and takes the listener down a new musical path.  Taking on a slightly darker, fuller, punchier tone, the new Melon songs are much more in-your-face than many of the older recordings.  Some of my personal favorites off of this record include “For My Friends”, “Down on the Pharmacy”, “Harmful Belly”, and “Last Laugh”, all displaying what I consider to be excellent songwriting and musicianship.  That being said, I believe that the lyrics of many of the songs on this album leave something to be desired.  Some of Warren’s lyrics sound underdeveloped, a few bordering on the cliche.  This is something that Shannon did not struggle with in the least, and for this reason I believe that the old and new versions of the band cannot truly be compared.  They are two different entities, and must be treated as such.  Overall, however, I thought that this album was quite good, and definatly deserves a listen by both old and new fans alike.

4 out of 5





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