The Cat Empire- “So Many Nights”

17 05 2008

The Cat Empire, a six peice band from Australia without a guitar, have recently released their new album, So Many Nights, in the Unites States. With this album, The Cat Empire really made an attempt to branch out from their usual party style, and I believe that they successfully acheived this task. Although some older fans may be slightly put off by the wider range of music on this album, it is in no way a technical or musical let down. Stand out songs such as “So Many Nights”, “Fishies”, “Radio Song”, and “Strong Coffee” are sure to delight older fans of the party style. “No Longer There” and “Panama” both demonstrate the ability of the band to produce excellent ballads, while “Sunny Moon”, “The Darkness”, and “Wanted to Write a Love Song” all show new facets of the band, always at their best. Over all, I would say that this new release is a definite triumph for the Aussies, and I cannot wait for their next release.

5 out of 5





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