So Many Items So Little Time

14 05 2008

So to start off I would like to say that we are now planning on releasing a review every Friday. So now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the thing you’re all here for, the reviews.

So first on this review list I am going to talk about LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled album, which is one of the coolest album I have listened to in a while. LCD is made up of 4 members, but it is mainly focused on James Murphy, the lead singer for the band. The group chooses to mix elements of disco and club music, and they have this Daft Punk sound minus the sorta android voices. The opening song for the album is “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” which has a cool beat with the same cool vocals. By starting the album with such a chill song, LCD sets the tone for an overall relaxed record, with no in-your-face songs. I would say that the band is totally an Acid House band. The same beat over and over can be boring to some but others in a certain mind set can feel different ways about it. I also think that LCD is rather creative with their mixes and songs, and that they are a breath of fresh air for the House music group. While I am not the biggest fan of all House music I still love LCD Soundsystem and their first album is great!

4 out of 5

LCD Soundsystem Cover

Next up is Arcade Fire’s “Neon Bible”, which I will admit that I am a little late reviewing, but I agree with some things that others have said. I think the album is great but I don’t think its the second coming of god in the way of music. The album starts with rather simple, melodic tracks. The opener, “Black Mirror”, is a slow, sort of building track that ends suddenl. The only song that seems not to follow a similar pattern is the title song, “Neon Bible”, which is just a slow soft ballad. I interpreted it almost as regretful, like the singer wanted to take something back. The album, while staying somewhat monotone, also manages to test the listener with an up-and-down ride . While I won’t talk a lot of trash about Arcade Fire they seemed to hype this album to no end. I feel like the album is great, but not the best thing to ever be produced. Overall it’s an innovative, but not fantastic, album.

3 out of 5

Neon Bible

And now to transport you back to when post punk was cool and one of my favorite albums ever was released, At the Drive-In’s Relationship of Command, which I feel is one of the best albums ever. To start, I will say out-right that I am a huge fan of the Mars Volta and At The Drive-In and not so much a fan of Sparta (though I would really like them to get back together anyway). The album starts off with a bang with ” Arcarsenal” and continues its speed until it reaches “Invaild Little Letter Department”, a slow ballad dedicated to women murdered and raped in factories on the borders of Mexico and the USA. The album continues towards a climax, with “Catacombs” ending the album with a bang. Some complain that At the Drive-In is a little too distortion heavy and, that they use it to hide their lack of talent. To counter that I would point to At the Drive-In’s spin-off, The Mars Volta, whose skills are unequaled in my opinion by any modern day guitar gods. Cedric and Omar are some of the most talented and innovative people in the music industry. This album set the seed that would grow into one of my favorite band ever, The Mars Volta.

5 out of 5

So that’s all for now thanks everyone see you soon!





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