Top Ten Bassists (In No Particular Order)

2 07 2008

Ok, so as TheInsider9’s computer is in the shop, I’ll be writing the top ten this week.  So here we go:

Victor Wooten

Billy Sheehan

Jaco Pastorius

Dave LaRue


John Paul Jones

John Entwistle

Geddy Lee

Les Claypool

Stefan Lessard





29 06 2008

Ok, so it looks like this Friday we will be recording and hopefully, soon afterwards, publishing our very first podcast!  Whoot!  As you’ve probably realized, this podcast will be recorded on the 4th of July, so we’ll have plenty of topics and plenty of guests.  Please check back to give it a listen.


25 06 2008

I have to send my computer into the shop to get a new motherboard so it will most likely be gone for a week or so but in the mean time I will continue to work on the site and the podcast. My rough goal is next tuesday for the podcast so hopefully we will see.



22 06 2008

I hate waiting for Euro 08 games. I just can’t wait so in my spare time I have been creating banners, pictures, posters of some of my favorite. So I may just post them if I find the time.


Two New Reviews

18 06 2008

Ok, so now that finals are finally over, I can write some more reviews. The first will be Flogging Molly’s most recent album, “Float”. I must say that I was extremely pleased with this album, and I felt that it displays a well-matured Flogging Molly. The band manages to deliver their famous hybrid of punk and celtic sounds while fine-tuning their sound at the same time. Songs like the title track, Float, and The Story So Far represent a slightly mellower, yet still potent, side of the band. Paddy’s Lament, From the Back of a Broke Dream, and Man With No Country, however, keep Flogging Molly’s driving punk core alive, and really drive the album between the slower tunes. All in all, the album is a perfect mixture, and is in my mind a masterpiece.

5 out of 5

My second review will be on State Radio’s “Year of the Crow”. State Radio is one of my favorite bands, and I am pleased to say that they did not dissapoint me with this album. Although it represents a different sound than “Us Against the Crown”, I believe that sophmore albums should be about expanding and exploring a little. Some fans may be upset by the lack of reggae-influenced songs on this album, but I’m sure that this sound will resurface later. For the time being, I believe that Chetro, Maddog, and Chuck have done an excellent job with more of a punk/rock feel, which gives this album more of a drive than “Us Against the Crown” had. Overall, I applaud the boys for branching out, and I give this album highest marks.

5 out of 5

No Free Friday

13 06 2008

Sorry but I really just wanna bask in the glory of summer, and edit some home movies I found last night. Maybe I will post them, who knows. Also are sound board just arrived and now were going to order the microphones need to do some podcasting so look for that sometime next week!


Best Mars Volta/ At The Drive-In

12 06 2008

So finals ended for me this week so in honor of that I will concentrated on myself like a total self centered jerk!

9. In/ Casino/ Out

8. Amputechture

7. Vaya [EP]

6. This Station is No Operational

5. Scab Dates [Live]

4. Frances the Mute

3. De-Loused in The Comatorium

2. Bedlam in Goliath

1. Relationship of Command

Sorry for the post being late again but the finals and the fact that after school yesterday I just wanted to chill instead of actually doing stuff.